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~20 Blue whales + a LUNGEFEEDING FIN Whale! | 20 Blue Whales, 4 fin whales

Just about as good as it gets today with whales as far as the eye can see!

Conditions were perfect as the sea was flat and the ocean was blue. We returned to our usual feeding ground to find all the whales we could've hoped for! Blue whales were in the forecast and we spent the entire trip with them. Our first whales were a cow/ calf pair. The calf rolled around and swam upside down in an incredibly boisterous and fun mood. We would watch 2 more cow/calf pairs throughout the day. While giants fluked around us, we took in the beautiful scene off of Santa Cruz Island.

Continuing west we were looking for some species diversity. While we spotted some humpback whales in the distance, another incredible sight stole our gaze. LUNGEFEEDING FIN WHALES! While we enjoyed about 10 surface lunges from one whale, another one or two were feeding in the distance (we are not sure if these animals were fin or blue whales). Eating up to 10 tons of krill in a single day, these whales put on quite the show. It was the first time Captain Devin had seen feeding Balaenoptera whales in nearly 7 years! It was an impressive display of how incredible our channel can be.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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