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Become one with the ocean.

Summer Whale Watching

Summer in Santa Barbara is the most diverse time of year! Humpback whales migrate to the channel in early spring and stay until late fall. They make up the majority of our summer sightings. Blue whales tend to appear in July through September, and common dolphins are seen on almost every trip. Their acrobatic and friendly nature is the cherry on top of our adventures!


Winter Whale Watching

Santa Barbara is the perfect place to spot Gray whales from December to March. These barnacled behemoths traverse through the Santa Barbara Channel on their way to and from Alaska and Mexico. On their southbound migration, they travel along The Channel Islands; on their northbound migration, they hug the Santa Barbara coast. Common dolphins are also a common winter sight, and they are always a fun addition to our trips as they ride the bow wake of our vessel. We also see an uptick in killer whale sightings during the month of December. The channel gives whale watchers the best chance to see these apex predators in Southern California waters!


Private Tour

If you're looking for the perfect family vacation that includes a magical boat ride, look no further! We offer private whale watching and sunset cruises in beautiful Santa Barbara. Our 28' Axopar is perfectly set up for a lovely cruise along Santa Barbara's waterfront coast. Ask our captain to show you the vessel's capabilities with a speed run!

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