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A blue, a fin, and an entangled Fur Seal | 1 Blue Whale, 1 Fin whale, 1,500 common dolphins, 1 free Fur Seal

It was a beautiful day in the channel, a great break for our typical May Gray with sunny skies and a small bump on the sea surface.

We sent it across the channel and found ourselves in front of Santa Cruz Island. Here we found all of our marine life. First, a fin whale popped up. Moving at an incredibly quick 10 knots, this whale sped north into the middle of the channel. We got a report of a blue whale nearby, but it was being quite elusive. Our crew sighted the mighty beast once before going down. After waiting nearly 17 minutes we continued on toward greener pastures. We found a giant pod of porpoising common dolphins. This huge group sped through the channel with incredible speed and agility (see photo below).

On our way home, perhaps the most disheartening sighting of our company's history, we found a young guadalupe fur seal entangled in a net. Captain Devin Hunt was skilled with a boat hook as he quickly caught the seal by its entangled line. We were able to get the young seal aboard our vessel and quickly worked to cut off the entangled line. We released this young seal into the channel and he quickly sped away with incredible speed and prowess, ready to fight on another day.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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