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Gray whale season is among us! | 1 Gray Whale, 2,000 common dolphin

Updated: Apr 22

Calm seas with large swells greeted us in the channel. We went searching for yesterday's killer whales to no avail. Instead, we found something that might even be rare... a breaching gray whale! Gray whales are known for their friendly behavior in their mating lagoons in Baja California. However, to and from their breeding and feeding grounds, they're known to be quite shy. Gray whales are one of the food items on the menu for killer whales, so this one's boisterous activity was a bit surprising. Nevertheless, this happy little whale frolicked through the channel and gave our crew and passengers some incredible breaches.

Shooting offshore and looking for large black fins, we found smaller browner ones. Common dolphins started appearing in large groups far offshore. At one point all 2,000 dolphins started stampeding out of the water, as if they were spooked! We started charging in the direction they were coming from but alas, didn't find any killer whales. Our next encounter with them will have to wait.

Until next time,

The SBWW Crew

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