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Blue whales in the fog | 4+ Blue Whales, 750 common dolphins

Summer is here and with it, classic Santa Barbara summer weather is upon us… fog!

This challenging yet peaceful oceanic atmospheric condition adds a bit of adventure and chill to our expeditions. We find whales the old fashioned way with a good old pair of eyes (thankfully our crew are expert whale spotters!) To do this however, we need some visibility, and fog hinders that ability. We have a few tricks up our sleeve like using satellite imagery to find any sucker punches through the fog, radar to help us navigate, and keen hearing to help us listen for whale spouts. It all paid off when we found a large group of common dolphins nestled in the thick fog. We quite honestly just ran straight into them, but hey we’ll take it.

A little further east we finally came across a group of blue whales. At least 6+ in the general area, we closely watched 4 including a pair, and a giant tail fluker. Against all odds our morning trip was super successful as we watched the largest animal on planet earth 🌍

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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