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BLUE WHALES! | 2 Blue Whales, 1,000 commons

Today we were treated to quite the surprise!

2 GIANT Blue Whales graced the channel with their gargantuan presence. Blue whales have been hit or miss the past few years in the channel. As strict krill eaters, the blue whales haven't spent a lot of time in the channel in recent years, as krill stocks vary from year to year. These massive whales feed from the coast of Baja California all the way to Alaska. With a stable but minimal populaton of around 2,000 animals, our blue whales are considered endangered here in the Northeastern Pacific, and across the world. Our guests today were treated to the sight of the largest animal on planet earth, truly a sight to behold! We also found scattered groups of common dolphins throughout the day.

Until Next Time.

The SBWW Crew

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