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Blue Whale Mania Continues! | 13+ Blue Whales, 1,000 common dolphins

Another beautiful day with gorgeous sea conditions and plenty of blue whales.

We ran to the same area that has been hot with blue whales for the last week or two. Spouts were once again everywhere and we observed a dozen blue whales in this area. Some highlights include a couple of close passes from two tail-fluking blues as we arrived on the scene. It was spectacular to see these giants up close! We also watched a group of 4 whales interacting for a brief moment. The 4 giant whales swam near one another as they let out mighty exhales. We then broke off from the blues to spend time with a large group of ~1,000 common dolphins. These friendly fellows are always a special treat on our trip and today was no exception.

Continuing west to the area where we had some surface activity yesterday, we found another single blue whale, an individual with an unusually white dorsal fin we have been seeing for the past month or so. We headed towards home after spending some quality time with the largest animal on planet earth.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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