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Blue Whale Madness Continues! | 14+ Blue Whales, 2 Humpback Whales, 8 Risso's Dolphins, 250 Common Dolphins

An incredibly stark contrast from yesterday's foggy adventure, today we had flat calm seas, sunny skies, and a whole bunch of BLUBBER!

Two trips left the dock, and both had equally epic sightings. Over a dozen blue whales have nestled into our neck of the woods, as we sped towards the western end of Santa Cruz Island. While we got reports from other whale-watching boats, as well as legendary whale researcher "John Calambokidis," of Cascadia research that there are a whole bunch more whales to the east and west of our position. We decided on this group to maximize our time with the whales. We slowly crept along the island drop off picking up whales as we went. Spouts and tail flukes surrounded us everywhere we looked. The trips differed slightly, as the first trip enjoyed time in Painted Cave. The seas were so flat we were able to put our vessel further than we'd ever gone before! The first trip also spent time with a lovely group of Risso's dolphins, who were very calm and relaxed at the surface. The second trip however, enjoyed a pair of humpback whales, as well as a cow/calf pair of blue whales that had eluded us on the first trip. It is always a special trip when we witness these endangered whales giving life to new babies.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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