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A Mighty Blue Whale | 1 Blue Whale, 2 Humpback whales, 250 Commons

Another May gray kind of day with great sightings!

Our same active feeding spot was alive today with whales and dolphins. Our first sighting was a solo humpback whale. This whale was being pretty sneaky so we decided to not disrupt its deep dives and head for greener (or bluer) pastures.

A few miles to the south along the island drop-off, we found another humpback whale as well as a mighty blue whale/ The blue put up its mighty flukes which is always a special sight to see. It's thought 1 in every 10 blue whales is considered a "chronic fluker." We also got some looks at some nice groups of common dolphins dotted throughout this area.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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