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3 MIGHTY BLUE WHALES | 3 Blue Whales, 250 Common dolphins

We spent a spectacular Memorial Day at sea with the world's largest inhabitants!

A report from our friend Holly Lohuis aboard Island Packers came in right as our trip was getting underway. A blue whale had been spotted towards the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island, a typical feeding area for blue whales during the summer. Off we went to find the largest creature to ever roam our little blue planet.

Arriving on scene, we caught up with what turned out to be 3 blue whales! 2 HUGE adults and one smaller juvenile. The adults hung out in a pair at first and then split up. The whales were consistently taking dives of only 5-6 minutes, their krill food source was most likely close to the surface (although we did see krill swarms up to 500 feet deep on our depth sounder). The two adults gave us massive tai flukes as they descended into the depths, a rare treat for blue whales. All of our passengers enjoyed their first looks ever at blue whales; it was a special day indeed showing them the beauty of the iridescent gem of our seas.

On the way home we found a pod of ~250 common dolphins feeding on a bait ball, this ended up being a perfect end to our wonderful day at sea.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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