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Whales Galore! | 3 Humpback whales, 7 gray whales, 50 common dolphins

Whales were a-plenty as the skies were blue and seas were calm. Not until the shipping lanes did the wind and swell pick up a little bit, but it was still totally manageable.

We left the harbor and found a half dozen common dolphins. Hoping to find more we sped west to coal oil point. With no more dolphins in sight we shot offshore. A relatively quiet crossing, we soon spotted another small group of common dolphins before the hopping lanes.

Continuing on, our friend and passenger Mark Malleson, spotted some gray whale spouts along Santa Cruz Island. What we thought was a pair of whales, soon turned into 7! All individuals were adult whales heading southbound, we enjoyed some close looks as the group traveled sub-surface, their green glow visible just below the surface.

On the way home, we spotted a couple of large spouts in the distance. After a 6 minute weight, three huge humpbacks popped up behind us! As with every year, as the majority of our humpbacks leave for the winter, a few always stick around to feed. Tail flukes and trumpet blows were enjoyed before we sped back to the harbor.

Until next time,

The SBWW Crew

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