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Whales EVERYWHERE! | 15+ Humpbacks

Sea conditions were astonishingly flat which allowed us to find the humpback honey hole.

Our first whale was one we spent with yesterday. A calf from 2022, this young whale displays beautifully white tail flukes (pictured below). We soon caught up with a cow with a calf from this year. The calf had a fascinating skin condition that our crew had never seen before. Nevertheless, it looked robust enough to indicate it was healthy and getting enough to eat. Our next few whales were all adults, 5 in total that were actively socializing with one another. They made a couple of close passes by our boat and lifted their chins out of the water. We watched another pair of adults, and another single before watching an active cow/ calf pair. The calf breached multiple times in the distance and gave us a few nice up-close pec slaps. We saw another pair quickly on our way home from a perfect day in SB paradise.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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