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Whales, dolphins, and FOG... oh my! | 4+ blue whales, 2+ Humpback whales, 2,500 common dolphins, 100 Bottlenose Dolphins

Another foggy day in the channel didn't deter us from having a great day in the channel with lots of wildlife.

Both trips had very similar trajectories. We headed for the blue whale feeding grounds and found a heap of wildlife before reaching it. On the am trip, we found a pair of humpback whales outside the kelp farm. Nice looks were had before the whales chugged east and we headed south. We found offshore bottlenose dolphins in the same position south of the kelp farm on both trips. They were as friendly and as playful as ever and delighted our passengers. We also watched lots of common dolphins on both trips, probably around 2,500 combined.

When we reached the blue whale feeding grounds we closely watched 4 blue whales with more in the distance. Among the group was a cow/calf pair. The mom would often be down on deep dives feeding on krill while the calf would be at the surface rolling around. It is always special to see endangered blue whales, even more so when we get to see a young calf.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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