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Whales, dolphins, and a trip to painted cave! | 2+ humpbacks, 3,000 dolphins

Today's adventure greeted us with flat calm sea conditions and overcast skies. We headed west with our boatful of adventurers and found an abundance of marine life in the middle of the channel. We started with an astounding group of common dolphins nearly 3,000 individuals strong. For miles and miles, this group stretched as far as the eye can see. Within the group, a pair of humpback whales appeared and fluked regularly and even popped up close to the boat on one surfacing. The pair then split up and we followed one of the whales towards the western end of Santa Cruz Island where it put up its mighty tail right in line with Fraser Point (see attached video).

We then enjoyed a short run over the painted cave on Santa Cruz island where we were able to put the velella very far into the cave's deep chambers. It was a magical day on the ocean!

Until next time,

Santa Barbara Whale Watch

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