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Whales and a brand new baby dolphin | 3 humpbacks, 1 blue whale, 2,500 commons, 100 bottlenose

Ggray skies covered the channel but visibility and sea conditions were great. Along with it, we found a whole heap of marine life.

Bottlenose and common dolphin joined us during the crossing. We had an exceptionally acrobatic bottlenose that would fly out of the water right in our wake. They raced around us as we chugged south.

We caught up to an area where Cascadia research was conducting tagging missions on a blue whale. We got a Quick Look at the animal in the distance before continuing on. Soon we found a cow/ calf pair of humpback whales. The same pair we’ve been watching where the calf has some very unusually skin lesion on its side. We also watched another single in the area.

Before returning home we saw a mother common dolphin with her brand new baby. It must’ve been less than an hour old as it was struggling to swim and get breaths at the surface. It’s dorsal fin and flukes were extremely floppy indicating the newness of the baby. Common dolphins will mate and calf year round, but we see a huge spike in brand new calves in July and August. Out of the thousands upon thousands of dolphins our crew has seen over the years, we've never seen one SO SMALL!

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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