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Stunning day at sea after a foggy start! | 10+ Humpbacks, 3,000 dolphins

All of Santa Barbara was covered in a thick layer of fog, the arch-enemy of whale watching (it's not called whale listening, although in the past we've played that game in dense fog). Normally, one would be deterred from such a sight but our crew was not. A modern mariners trick, allows us to use satellite imagery to check the channel's marine layer. A quick search and we could see beautiful sunny skies awaited us about 12 miles offshore. We just had to get there first.

We found a couple of dolphins in the thick fog but it wasn't until we got out of it, that an incredible scene unfolded before our eyes. Like a scene in a movie, we broke out of the fog and were greeted with endless amounts of marine life. A large pod of dolphins found us in the flat calm conditions. Lots of calves were in this group hanging with their larger mothers. We soon caught up with a group of 4 juvenile whales, then a trio of adults and a sub-adult that were interacting with one another around our boat. We then ended our day with another trio of sub-adults which capped off an incredible day in the Santa Barbara channel.

Until next time,

The SBWW crew

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