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Spectacular sightings with 14+ whales! | 12+ humpbacks, 2 Gray Whales, 500 commons, 1 blue shark

Sunny skies and flat calm seas graced the channel as it has for the past couple of days and is forecasted to for the next couple. Sightings were spectacular and started just a few miles outside the harbor.

Heading out to sea, we found our first whales just a few miles out. As we approached a giant "SEA PICKLE," exploded out of the water! This of course was a breaching gray whale. One of the whales breached 5 times before it and its travel companion continued on their way toward Alaska.

In the distance, Captain Devin spotted a humpback or two. (Before getting to the whales, a blue shark made a quick appearance before descending into the depths). The two soon turned into a huge group of whales spread out over a couple of miles. While there were easily close to 20 whales in the vicinity, we closely watched 12. First a pair, then a group of 6 with a few others lingering on the outskirts. One of the 6 was a whale known as "Flip." Flip was named by our photographer and deckhand Adam a few years ago. This whale was known for its curious behavior and would often "flip," upside down exposing its tail, hence its name. While it wasn't as curious today as we know it to be, it did some tail flips and rolling around at the surface; good ol' FLIP! After watching another pair of whales, we began our return journey home.

Before reaching the harbor we found a large group of common dolphins. 500 or so dolphins raced around our boat in beautifully flat sea conditions before we raced home for the end of our day.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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