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ORCAS AGAIN! | 7 killer whales and more

Flat calm seas and overcast skies greeted us in the channel. April can be an outstanding time for a variety of species, and today was no exception. Today’s sightings included 50 common dolphins, 12 Dall’s porpoise, 50 bottlenose dolphins, 1 humpback whale, and 7 killer whales! The day went like this...

Out of the harbor, we spent time with common dolphins. Scattered and few and far in between we headed offshore for greener pastures. We encountered a dozen or so Dall’s porpoise who was very interested in the boat and spent time with the fastest cetacean on the planet as they raced around us. At this time, our friend Ryan Lawler aboard Pacific Offshore Expeditions, texted us about killer whales off Santa Rosa Island. With the speed and dedication for the best sightings, we sped off toward the channel’s second-biggest island at 25 knots!

Between the killer whales and us, we found some bottlenose dolphins and a humpback breaching in the distance, but we were geared on the golden prize so we pressed on. Upon arriving on scene we spent time with 7 killer whales. One large male, one sprouting male, and a mix of females and juveniles were on the scene. They zigzagged along an underwater canyon as we enjoyed time with the ocean’s apex predator. It was a very special day indeed!

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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