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Mellow Seas = Mellow Whales... UNTIL! | 8+ Humpback whales

Calm seas are in the forecast for the next week or so, allowing us to spend lots of time in the humpback feeding zones. After zooming out to the shipping lanes today, spouts started to dot the horizon. While there were easily 15+ whales in the area, we got close looks at 7 during this portion of the trip. Our first pair of whales displayed beautiful tail flukes. Our second pair was logging at the surface for our entire 20-minute encounter with them. The whale equivalent of resting, these whales simply sat at the surface, bobbing up and down, exhaling as they slowly crept forward. It must be nice to have an afternoon nap in the middle of the channel. The following 2 individuals gave us more of the same calm behavior, so we decided to jet over to Potato Harbor on Santa Cruz Island.

After our midday island stop, a single humpback caught our eye out of the dozen or so in the area. This whale was excitedly slapping its tail on the surface! Over and over again, this active whale was the perfect way to end a beautiful day at sea.

Happy Whaling,

The SBWW Crew

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