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Incredible gathering of humpbacks! | 20+ humpbacks, 5,000 dolphins, 1 minke whale

What a day at sea! Absolutely stunning sea conditions led us into the paths of an unfathomable amount of marine wildlife. Mid-channel was packed with life as we came upon our first dolphin pod which spanned miles. We spent time in the presence of dolphins for the entirety of the trip. Within this pod, a single juvenile whale made its presence felt with a massive breach! We chugged east, following blows and dolphins until we got a quick look at a minke whale. After our brief minke encounter, we headed west towards the main humpback feeding area. We witnessed some distant lunge-feeding, lots of social interactions, and tail flukes from the majority of our whales, ranging from juveniles to huge adults. It was a spectacular day at sea. We want to thank passengers Brad and Leesa for spending Leesa's birthday out at sea with us!

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