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Humpback MUGGING! | 15+ Humpbacks, 2,000 dolphins

This report is from 10-7-2023

Breathtaking scenery was met with unfathomable amounts of wildlife! Everywhere we went we were greeted with whales and dolphins. We watched singles, pairs, trios, and even some groups of wha;es in the distance. While we saw lots of acrobatics in the distance, most of the action stopped once we got close. That is until we ran into our old friend Toa! This 3-year-old whale first showed up in the channel with its mother. It was badly mauled by killer whales and many locals feared we'd never see it again. Luckily this year, he has returned to his ancestral feeding grounds and has done so with spunk and charisma! He hung out with us for around 30 minutes, spy-hopping, rolling, and staring at our passengers. It was an incredible experience!

Towards the end of our trip, we witnessed a trio of humpbacks narrowly avoid a container ship. We stood watch to monitor the situation and document the close pass. Thankfully all whales avoided collision and went on their merry way feeding in the channel.

(Underwater photo by passenger Jordan Sarna, Drone photo by Adam Ernster).

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