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FRIENDLY WHALES! | 7+ Humpback Whales, 500 Common Dolphins

Today was an exciting day at sea with beautiful weather and lots of marine wildlife!

Not far from the harbor, we found a huge feeding hotspot of common dolphins, sea birds, and sea lions. Anchovies were visible on the surface as we patrolled this area accompanied by the ever-lovable common dolphin.

Not far from the hotspot, we found our first humpback whales; a pair of large adults. Included in the pair was our old friend "Black Rakes," who we most recently saw ~2 weeks ago. Read up on Black Rakes' sighting history here! :

Continuing west, a trio of active whales caught our attention. A few breaches in the distance soon turned into pec-slaps once we arrived. These three whales were actively rolling on top of one another, socializing in a way only humpbacks could. Lots of trumpet blows and exciting close looks were had with the trio.

We decided to push south to see what else we could find, and boy were we glad we did! We found an extremely friendly pair of humpback whales that actively approached our boat for 30+ minutes. Known as a humpback "mugging," these whales are known for this kind of curious behavior. One of the whales sat under our boat for minutes on end before coming up to breathe right beside us.

It was a spectacular day on the water. Please enjoy the recap of the day here :

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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