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December Beauty | 6+ Humpbacks, 750 Dolphins

A beautiful December day led us to a whole heap of wildlife off the coast of Santa Barbara. Two juvenile humpbacks caught our attention off the coast of UCSB. With relatively long 8 minute dives, and tail flukes from both, this was an awesome way to start the day. In the area, a cow/ calf was seen as well. We followed the pair as they trekked south-east towards their winter breeding ground destination.

Continuing west we found a nice pod of 750 common dolphins. We spent time with them as they rode the bow and stern wake of our vessel.

Further west off the coast of Coal Oil Point, two more humpbacks caught our attention, each with their own massive breach! It was an incredible way to end another day in Paradise.

Until next time,

The SBWW Crew

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