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CHRONIC BREACHER steals the show among 12+ humpbacks

Updated: 5 days ago

Wind and swell picked up a bit from yesterday's glassy excursion but that didn't hold us back from having an incredible day.

Among 12+ humpback whales, one seriously energetic whale caught our attention. With dozens of breaches under its belt, this whale gave us every breach angle there is. Closeup up half breaches to full-on launches out of the ocean. Between bouts of breaches in which the whale would breach 3-4 times, it would spend a few minutes rolling on its back with both pectoral flippers in the air. This went on for ~45 minutes as this whale wowed our crew and passengers. Today's adventure marked the end of a nice stretch of weather. As is typical in the spring months, some heavy winds are in our future. We look forward to getting back out there in a few days!

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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