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CHAMPION BREACHER! | 15++ Humpbacks, 750 Commons

Today was just about as good as it gets. Right out of the gates, we found ourselves surrounded by humpbacks. The first whale we found was this champion breacher! We saw this incredible whale breach over 15 times, it also threw in some pec slaps, tail throws, and trumpet blows. We were in awe of this whale's grace, power, and beauty as it skyrocketed around us. Around this whale, others made themselves known, there were at least 6 other whales in this area.

We continued south to find a giant stampede of common dolphins. They sped south at 15 knots for extended periods of time before settling on some bait for lunch. Sea lions, birds, and more whales were here as well. After stumbling on another group of 5 whales, we found one very interesting whale. It had no dorsal fin, appeared a little thin, and displayed knuckles much like a gray whale, in fact we thought it was a gray whale before realizing it was a a humpback. Peculiar indeed. On the way home we stopped and watched 4 more humpbacks before our incredible Thursday afternoon was complete.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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