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BREACHFEST! | 10+ Humpbacks, 1,500 common dolphins

A thick fog layer soon turned into a high stratus layer as perfect sea conditions blessed the channel. We went in search of our massive group of humpbacks in the same location they've been in for about a month and a half. To no avail, we covered lots of water in this area. We checked another well known feeding ground and sure enough, we found a large group of humpbacks and feeding dolphins. Things were mellow at first until a large whale popped up right in front of our boat. Just when we though this whale would become friendly, another whale close by flew completely out of the water! This sent a cascade of activity around us 4 or 5 whales around us became active with breaches, tail throws, and pec-slapping. We even saw an incredible double breach! It was yet another spectacular day in the channel.

Until next time,

The SBWW crew

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