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BREACHER ! | 1 Humpback, 1.000 common dolphin

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Sunny skies and flat calm seas greeted us on a GORGEOUS December Day. These perfect sea conditions allowed us to use the speed of our brand-new vessel, giving us a huge range. After searching the eastern channel to no avail, we crept closer to Santa Cruz Island. Just outside of Pelican harbor, a giant splash caught our crew's attention, it could only mean one thing... A BREACHING HUMPBACK WHALE!

This whale would alternate between giant full body breaches and huge pectoral slaps. For 30 minutes this beautiful humpback treated our crew and passengers to quite the show. Soon after we turned toward's painted cave and found a super pod of common dolphins. About 1,000 individuals in this group, we stuck with this pod for another 30 minutes as they sped around our vessel.

Lastly, we had a gorgeous view of Painted Cave, the world's 3rd longest sea cave! We were able to get so far into the cave, we heard the infamous CAVE GHOST! (In reality a group of rowdy sea lions at the very back of the cave making some ominous noises). We sped back to the harbor after a gorgeous day in the channel.

Until next time,

The SBWW Crew

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