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Breach-athon! | 20+ Humpbacks, 2,000 dolphins

(This sighting report is from 11-4-2023)

WHAT A DAY! Our boat full of passengers experinced a good one today! With whales all around us, we found ourselves in the Eastern channel surrounded by life. From pairs of whales, to big groups of 4 or 5 feeding together with dolphins, spouts lit up the horizon for as far as we could see. A breaching whale caught our attention far out behind us that we were't able to get to (initially). We then spenmt time with a cow/calf/escort that was active on the surface. From our drone we could see fast manuevers as the female and calf scurried away from the oncoming male. Another whale was also in this area, as well as a pair feeding out wide. While a completely different cow/cal/escort caught our attenion for a quick moment, another whale started breaching close by! WHile there's no way to know for sure, this whale was in the direction we had seen an active breacher nearly two hours earlier. This whale gave us all the tricks in the book from countless chinslaps, breaches, and pec-slaps! It capped off an incredible day with the humpbcak whales of the channel.

Until next time,

The SBWW Crew

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