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Another Gorgeous day at Sea | 1 Blue Whale, 1 Humpback whale, 500 Common dolphins, 1 Mola mola

The glassiest seas imaginable today greeted us from start to finish. Here's how the day went.

A large group of about 500 common dolphins raced over to us as we started our trip. A few calves were in the group and great looks were had by all as they rode the bow wake of our vessel.

Along Santa Cruz Island, we watched a lone humpback whale with at least another in the area. The whale put up its tail flukes before giving us one of the biggest breaches we've ever seen! It was a spectacular pirouette a few hundred feet away.

We went looking for a few blue whales that were seen in the area and lucked out with a nice lone individual. A smaller adult, we enjoyed this giant's towering spout and mottled skin before sending it back to the harbor.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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