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Another Day with Juvenile Humpbacks | 2 Humpbacks, 400 Commons

A stunning day at sea yielded some beautiful marine life.

Out of the harbor, we found a nice pod of common dolphins. The dolphins came over to our vessel to ride in our bow and stern wake!

We continued further west and found a nice pair of juvenile humpbacks off UCSB. The pair gave us nice flukes as they descended into the depths. Part of our crew traveled up to the Gaviota coast last night and found close to a dozen humpback whales. The plan today was to send it west at high speeds in hopes of finding this large feeding aggregation. We did just that, but the whales were nowhere to be seen; they must've moved feeding spots overnight.

The beauty of our home is that every day is different! The whales keep us on our toes and make us work hard for those rare moments. Today was beautiful and we're so thankful for the whales and dolphins our crew and passengers were able to see today! With some nice weather over the next few days, we're hoping to relocate a nice big group of whales!

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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