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A KILLER Mother's Day! | 3 Killer whales, 5 Humpbacks, 1,000 commons

Seas were glass flat and the "May Gray," was in full effect.

Out in the middle of the channel, we got a report of killer whales traversing our waters. Upon arriving on our third killer whale within the month, we found a matriarch whale with her two offspring, including a VERY young new calf! The trio paced around the boat and gave us lots of close passes. They also hunted a young sea lion and celebrated the hunt. To see orcas in the channel is always a special treat, but to see this caring matriarch on Mother's Day was the cherry on top of our whale-filled weekend!

Captain Devin soon left the killer whales and sent it south and found more marine life. We caught up with 5 humpback whales scattered in an area Southeast of the East Channel Buoy. This feeding hotspot was also complete with around 1,000 common dolphins spread out in the area. We got great looks at all the whales before heading back home, completing an amazing Mother's Day at sea.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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