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A beautiful day to explore the channel | 1 humpback, 2 grays, 10 Dall’s porpoise

Two trips left the dock today, each were greeted with flat calm seas. The whales have spread out, but both trips still had great looks at large whales.

We found a very small juvenile humpback right off the bat on our morning trip. We watched the young whale travel west along the 50 fathom line and fluke occasionally. We went offshore in search of more marine life to no avail.

The second trip sped west in an attempt to cover other areas of the channel. We scored with a nice group of about 10 dall's porpoise. Continuing further west off the coast of Gaviota, some dense fog forced us offshore into the middle of the channel. Here, we found 2 gray whales traveling back towards their Alaskan feeding grounds. These whales must've taken an abnormal route, and probably shot the gap between Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa islands, something more and more gray whales seem to be doing the last couple of years. Great looks were had before we sped home for the day.

Until next time,

The SBWW Crew

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