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2 HOURS of Friendly Whales! | 4+ Humpbacks, 1 blue shark

We certainly didn't expect to top yesterday's friendly encounter, but you never know what's in store when whale watching in the Santa Barbara Channel! The very first whales we set up on were the same whales we'd spend the next two hours with. We didn't move an inch as two friendly humpback whales rolled next to us. These curious whales spyhopped around us, played with one another, and made sure that everyone onboard got a face full of whale snot! In all of the friendly encounters our crew has had over the years, this was easily a top 3 mugging.

We were able to sneak away and watch a few more whales nearby. We also had a great look at a blue shark chasing a fish right next to our boat! It just keeps getting better as the season progresses.

Until Next Time,

The SBWW Crew

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