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Explore the oceans with
Santa Barbara
Whale Watch

Santa Barbara whale watch offers high-end ocean excursions based out of Santa Barbara, CA. The most luxurious small passenger whale watch business coastal California has to offer, we get to the whales fast and in style on our 28' Axopar. 

Northern Channel Islands

We see a plethora of different whale species throughout the year. Click below to find out more about our sightings and seasons!


Our Tours

Enjoy a variety of trips that fit your needs and vacation plans. We see whales year-round here in Santa Barbara, so it's always a good time to book.

Learn more about each trip below. 


Luxury Whale Watching

Santa Barbara's newest whale watch company, Santa Barbara Whale Watch provides an intimate and exciting experience out on the big blue. We go the distance in our brand new state-of-the-art vessel. Santa Barbara Whale Watch takes pride in our connection to SB wildlife, from intimate close encounters with thousands of common dolphins to thrilling moments with humpback whales. 

Common DOlphins


Humpback Whales

Meet the Wildlife

Why Choose Santa Barbara Whale Watch?

SBWW is Santa Barbara's newest, fastest, and most intimate wildlife experience. Our low-to-the-water vessel and experienced crew help create an unforgettable wildlife experience. 



We get you to the wildlife first in our brand new 28' Axopar. It is the fastest boat in the channel!

Intimate Boat ride


With a maximum of 6 passengers, enjoy an intimate nature experience with our devoted crew. 

Santa Barbara Whale Watch Adventure


We never know what to expect on any given trip. Every day brings new possibilities to the Santa Barbara Channel!

Closer than ever


Our low-to-the-water vessel allows incredible connections to wildlife and eye-to-eye opportunities for photos!

Lunging Humpback


The Santa Barbara Channel is widely regarded as southern California's most abundant marine hotspot. 

Channel Islands


We're lucky to have the Channel Islands national park in sight for nearly every adventure. 


SB Sailing Center : 302 W Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

1 (805) 695-6894

Blue Whale
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